Redundancy Club!

The continuing adventures of the Edinburgh jobless.

Episode 5: Lessons In High Society March 11, 2010

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Ave my friends and compatriots!

 Presenting, in glorious Technocolour, the latest mission into unemploymentopia! This weeks theme was Americana and our scullery maidens were hard to work baking for the Greater Good.


This is a map to the table. It might seem simple, but it’s colour coded and there is no key.

No. 30

There were more brownies, but their deliciousness prevented their being shown. Full marks Claire!

No. 31

The Matt in The Hat wants you for Redundancy Club!


Lizzie is perturbed at the peculiar ‘finger-gobbling’ method utilised by Julie. It’s all the rage in Denmark.

No. 32

Ken gives us valuable insight into the world without work. Did you know that a 30,000 a year job in the city actually costs you 20,000 a year to keep?

Clothes, housing, food etc. All these things take up 2 thirds of your salary. By quitting you save all that money. It’s amazing how spendthrift you can become when out of a job.

No. 33

Gandalf uses heta vision to warm his portion.


Sean employs the ‘clump’ method of dining. The risk is high, but the reward is greater!

Join us again on the 15th for our next outing!


Episode 4: An Hilarious Escapade In The Bowels Of History March 6, 2010

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The Club has returned, and though they have sworn to never speak of what happened again, nor will they comment on the mysterious disappearance of their 8th memeber, they have nonetheless got pictographic evidence of their most recent adventure. An adventure, through time…

No. 21

There’s something exciting in the mirror that the reflections are looking at.

No. 13

Proof that in fact we ARE situated in Edinburgh. This is one of the best views of the city, available from the top of the Museum.

No. 22

This guy’s working at his job like a chump! If that weren’t bad enough, I didn’t ask his permission to post this picture.

No. 14

Two of our new members, Lizzie and Claire, are seen concentrating on  the thumb of fellow newbie Sean.

No. 15

This is what the inside of a pepper mill looks like. Eerie, isn’t it?

No. 20

This is a specially set up photo, using faked perspective. Matthew is actually the shortest member.

No. 17

Have you ever seen a sheep look so coy?

No. 19

This replica space-chamber is where NASA keeps it’s beer cool in orbit.

No. 18

There were children watching. And learning.

No. 23

Did you know that this robot will spell ANYTHING? Truly, we live in an enlightened age.

No. 16

From left to right and top to bottom: Brian, Nine, Sandra, Matthew, Sean, Lizzie and Claire. Together we combine to form a being more powerful than the sum of it’s parts.

This weeks buffet consisted purely and coincidentally of muffins! The ever culinary Number Nine prepared honey-coconut, while Matthew made apple. Did you know that muffins are redeemable as currency in the Forest Cafe? In a brave show of thrifty intellect, Number Nine bartered her way into a hot chocolate!

Special thanks this week to Brian, for taking most of the excellent pictures here. Join us again soon for our next outing!


Episode 3: By Which Culture Is Osmosed February 25, 2010

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Ave! That’s how Romans would say hello in times of yore, and it’s something I’d like to reclaim. Welcome once again to the Redundancy Club! We are on a recruiting drive, so if you’d like to be a part of this beautiful enterprise, rejoice! Wee’re expanding our operation to include not only every unemployed socialite, but those in jobs that are either awful, low-paying or in fact heinous. Get in touch to find out more!


The lovely staff here asked us if we were here for an interview for the theatre, and we contemplated embarking on a hilarious case-of-mistaken-identity caper.


Is that a fork or a spoon in Number Nine’s hand? Answers on the back of a postcard.


From left to right: anzack biscuit, Matthew’s hand, hot chocolate, Matthew


Newest member Claire seen here cowering in the mouth of the penitence dragon.

Join us again soon for our first coffee morning with an international theme!


Episode 2: Wherein A Tree Becomes Predatory February 17, 2010

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Hello! Or, as they say in Finland: Päivää! Welcome to the second edition of the Edinburgh Redundancy Club! It’s been a week (or thereabouts) since last we met, and it’s time to document some pictures, lest this site lose its way.


Pictured: Oxymoron


We are joined by A-List talent this time, including the sublime Pesto!


The mouthwatering Cranberry Slices!


And many more!!!!!!!!


Attending this function are co-founders Number Nine and Matthew, seen here being amused and gormless, respectively.


Giving us a 50% increase in population is rad poet Sandra Alland, seen here being fly.


Join us next week on the 22nd when we will be meeting either in a museum or an art gallery, so as to appeal to the culture crowd. Come along if you are one of the chosen, we’ll make those employed chumps jealous yet!


Episode 1: In Which Our Protagonists Encounter Binary February 9, 2010

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Good time-of-the-day to you reader! Welcome to the new and improved photo-journal of the Edinburgh Redundancy Club. This will be your one stop shop for all information relating to our activities on the front lines.

I should perhaps outline the idea behind the movement. Every attendee shall bring a flask of tea, coffee, cocoa or their beverage of choice. They shall bring baked goods to be consumed by all and they shall (not mandatorially) bring a camera. The idea is to go about the central town until an appropriate looking venue is found and then to pounce onto seating there and devour the food and drink while photographing ourselves. It is in effect a very specific flash mob picnic.

Our first outing was perhaps auspicous, but from these first seeds a mighty tree shall grow.

We begin  in St Giles Cathedral…

… as seen here with its new open-plan prayer area.

Grammar is corrected, because a lack of employment is no excuse for a lack of standards.

We befriend a comics salesman, flattering him with bakery and asking him for a job.

The greatest possible cheese is shown here, as part of a feast that puts your last three meals to shame.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first step, and I hope even more that you will join us on the second.